Study Club

UOFS established it’s study club in 2009. Our club is a component of Spear Education. Spear Study Clubs are a practical method to the interdisciplinary team approach to treatment, which is the key to excellence – and shared success – in dentistry. The clubs are the brainchild of renowned double specialty (periodontist and prosthodontist) esthetic and restorative dentist and educator Dr. Frank Spear. He has been phenomenally successful in teaching specialists and general dentists how to work together to deliver comprehensive interdisciplinary restorative and esthetic dentistry, and create value added relationships.

Our club meets at least eight times each year to actively participate in topical discussions, case presentations, and lectures. The em phasis is about the collaboration between generalists and spe cialists, working together to offer their patients the highest quality and state of the art treatment available.

The Club not only provides an opportunity for collaborative treatment planning and care, it also creates an environment for members to learn. From this, everyone benefits: the generalists, the specialists, the patients, and the dental community as a whole.

To login to the Spear Study Club link, click here.

If you are interested in joining our study club, please email Jason Payne our Administrator at[email protected].

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